Qi induction charger

Induction charger

Qi induction charging is the world's first standart. It is compatible with many smartphones : iPhone, Samsung, LG, Google Nexus and many others.

This charger will be invisible in your environnement and fits easily with furnitures. You will be able to modernise your former furniture by integrating a QI1001 induction charger

The wireless Qi charging stations blends in easily in furnitures.

Products recharge reliably and to the same speed as chargnig with a conventional cable.

With the Qi universal for the wireless loding, no more countless and differents chargers.

The non-compatible smartphones (like Iphone 5-6-7 or former Android phones) can be made compatible with the Qi2001 recepter which looks like a little key ring. This recepter exits in two versions : Lightning chargers outputs (for Iphones) and micro-USB outputs (mainly for andoid devices).

Induction Charger Qi1001 - Power 10 W
Built-in induction charger for smartphones, Qi technology.
99.90 €
Qi2001 Receiver for iphone 5 - 6 - 7
Receiver for Qi1001 charger.
Compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s et 7.
38.40 €
(-50.00%) 19.20 €
Qi2001 Receiver micro USB for smartphone Android
Micro USB induction receiver.
38.40 €
(-50.00%) 19.20 €