Qi2001 Receiver micro USB for smartphone Android

(Code: QI2001-USB)
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Micro USB induction receiver.
Compatible Android smartphone.
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Loading : Induction
- Connector: micro USB (Android)

- Standard: Qi
Dimensions : 
- Length : 55.6 mm
- Width : 54.4 mm
Height : 5.5 mm

The Qi Receiver is the answer to universal charging compatibility. A wide variety of phones come optimized for Qi charging technologies, but a few brands yet lag behind.

The Qi2001 receiver is easy to use, and works with Apple iPhone products, and all cell phones with a Micro-USB port. Simply plug the qi receiver key chain into your phone, place it on your chosen charging station surface, and you’ll be fully charged in no time.

This method of charging is just as fast and efficient as all other Qi charging methods. The qi receiver key chain even comes with the convenience of an LED status display to better let you know when your phones ready to go.