SH1 - Aluminium 310 cm housing - Brushed aluminium finish

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Power housing with compartment for cable management.
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  1. |Specifications|Colour : Brushed Aluminium
    Dimensions : (H) 10 cm x (D) 2.85 cm
    Length : 310 cm (cuttable)
    Compartment : 2 (with the use of the separating flange)
    Material : Aluminium

    The SH1 housing is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, and its brushed aluminium finish is perfectly suited to different decorative styles.
    With this model it is possible to install corners, RJ45 sockets and cable management in the upper compartment of the housing.
    For kitchen applications, it is possible to clip bars or hooks to hang your kitchen utensils under the housing, a groove is provided for this purpose.
    For office applications and work areas, it is possible to install RJ45 sockets as this model has a compartment for the passage of data cables (Ethernet for example).
    The versatility of the SH housing makes this model an ideal way to arrange your power outlets.
    The housing is sold in 310 cm cuttable lengths, allowing you to make your own lengths and to configure yourself the areas you wish to electrify with the SFC3 power segments or the areas to protect (above the water and cooking points) with the SFC2D shutter.

  2. |Documentation|
    - SH1 housing documentation
    - SH1 user guide
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Clear element, very easy to use,.
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