Recess powertrack RH2

(Code: 1010-0807-0106)
Available in 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm.
Finishing Aluminium Hairline or Black Hairline
127.08 €
  1. |Specifications|Voltage : 250 Volts
    Rated current : 32 A
    Protection Rating : IP40
    Certification : IEC/EN 61534
    Power supply : One End terminal on each side
    Possibility RJ45 : 3 locations for Data socket housing DS4 (supply separetely)
    Dimensions : 
    (W) 8 cm / Recess 7 cm - Depth : 3,4 cm
    Fixing : Applied
    Material : Aluminium
    Length :
    60 cm = 5 locations of sockets
    80 cm = 8 locations of sockets
    100 cm = 10 locations of sockets
    120 cm = 15 location of sockets
    Finishing : Aluminium Hairline or Black Hairline

    Thanks to its modularity, the RH2 electric track can be installed for multiple applications in both residential and professional environments: kitchen credenza, office, television cabinet,...  It is possible to position a maximum of 3 RJ45 by replacing the neutral covers at the ends with RJ45 (DS3 or DS4) data housings. The RH2 powertrack can be shortened by up to 9 cm. This means that the RJ45 slots at each end must be removed. These powertracks are equipped with a connector on each side so that they can be connected to each other.

    Sockets, USB chargers and other accessories are sold separately.

  2. |Documentation|
    - RH2 Power Track Documentation
    - RH2 Power Track User Guide