Qi1001 Wireless Charger+ 1 iPhone Qi2001 Receiver

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Recessed wireless charger + 1 wireless receiver for iPhone FREE
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  1. |Specification|Qi Charger + 1 iPhone Receiver free
    Installation : To recess
    Loadding : Induction
    - Standard: Qi
    - DC Operating Voltage : 5 V, 9 V (Transformateur fourni)
    - Transmitting power in operation : 10 W
    Dimensions : 
    - Diameter : 8 cm
    - Height : 1.55 cm
    - Length of the cable : 100 cm

    The Qi1001 wireless charging station is the king of versatility in the power charging world. It can easily be integrated into virtually any piece of furniture.
    The charging station can be seamlessly installed for new furniture by the manufacturer themselves, and will arrive set and ready to meet all your power charging needs. Alternatively, it can also be installed in existing furniture (eg. bar, table, desk, bedside etc), simple tools are necessary for such installation, and no special skills or knowledge is required.
    The Qi1001 induction charger comes with a 5V-9V power supply, a 1 meter cable and a cover.  It can be installed in two ways, either in invisible, then it will be necessary carry out a routing leaving 3mm of material between the loader and the surface of the peice of furniture. You can also mill a hole into the furniture’s surface for easy retrofitting the qi compliant wireless charging station into existing furniture (standard bored hole with an 80 mm diameter), insert the charger and cover it with the cover (supplied) 

  2. Once the induction charger is installed, simply place the Qi compatible device over the source to recharger it.  If you device is not equipped with induction charging technology, you still can charge it using one of the Qi2001 receiver with micro-usb connector or iPhone connector. Once the receiver connect to your device, put the receiver above the charger to induce your device to recharge.

  3. List of compatible Qi devices that doo not require receivers.

  4. |Documentation|- Data Sheet of Induction Charger
    - User  / Installation guide for Qi1001 wireless induction charging
  5. |Installation Video|