International Premium socket ITL3-L Titanium - Aluminium Rim - Blue Led

(Code: 2020-0401-0100)
PREMIUM range electric socket with built-in switch its power-up is signaled by blue LED lighting indicates.
57.66 €
  1. |Specifications|
    Voltage : 220-250 Volts
    Dimensions : Diameter: 6.7 cm x Depth: 4.46 cm
    Protection Rating : IP20
    Rated current : 16 A
    Colour : Titanium

    Premium sockets fits on all Eubiq Modular Tracks, move, add your outlets by a simple rotation.
    The sockets have a built-in switch, turning them a quarter of a turn, a click and the LED Lighting signals the power up.
    The ITL3 Premium socket is compatible with all Eubiq's range of tracks.
    International sockets are not compatible with the outlet types of the following countries : Switzerland, Rwanda, Liechtenstein, Italy, Chile, Brazil, Israel, West Bank and Gaza Strip.
    E and F typed plugs are only compatible with an earthed plug.

  2. |Documentations|
    - Userguide of Eubiq Premium Socket
    - Catalogue of Eubiq Premium Socket
  3. |Vidéo|