French Prenium Socket FR3-L Titanium - Aluminium Rim - Blue LED

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PREMIUM range electric socket with integrated switch and powered up signaled by blue LED light.
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  1. |Caractéristiques|Voltage : 220-250 Volts
    Electrical Outlets : 2 poles + earth
    Type : E
    Protection rating : IP24
    Certification : IEC/EN 60884 - NF C 61-314
    Rated current : 16 A
    Dimensions : Diameter: 6,7 cm x Depth: 4,46 cm
    Finish: Titanium (also exists in black)
    Lockable : Yes (with a key sold separately)

    The electrical outlets are compatible with all Eubiq tracks, move, add your outlets with a simple turn.
    The outlets have an integrated switch, by turning them a quarter turn, a click and the LED light signals the power on.
    To disable the outlet, simply turn it 1/8 of a turn counter-clockwise so that it is no longer powered, the blue LED turns off.

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